Expert Product Reviews

The expert review allows us to analyse your product from a users perspective. We will use our skills and knowledge in UX to provide a summary of what we feel can be changed to improve your user experience. We will then discuss this over the phone with your team and then follow up by drafting a detailed document of the recommendations for you. We can even take this further by verifying these recommendations with the users themselves.

We will be able to provide feedback from the users point of view as crypto enthusiasts ourselves whilst also remaining unbiased. This is due to having no prior relationship with your product or team.

UX Review Articles

As part of our commitment to providing free content to the crypto community, we write weekly articles sharing our opinions on the user experience of various products and services.

This is always a fair and honest review but if you truly believe you have created a great user experience then it can be a rewarding way to show this too an audience of over 10,000 crypto enthusiasts using our founders Twitter account that gains over 2.5 million impressions every month.

Every article will also be published on selected partners website's which will result in further engagement and exposure for your project.

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Tailored Consultations

This is the most detailed and thorough way to create a desired user experience. We understand that it is not always practical to hire a full time UX Researcher to interact with your users. With this service we can help as and when we are needed. Whether this is once a week or once a month, we can guide you in the right direction.

We will initially communicate to gain an understanding of where your project currently is and where next steps will take you. Depending on your specific situation, we will create a tailored UX process outlining appropriate methods of research you will use to create a perfect UX. We will ensure that it is feasible for you and your team to complete with no prior experience.

*Multiple services can be combined.*

Next Steps

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