Examples of Expert product reviews

The Dragonchain Academy

Dragonchain Academy

Dragonchain Academy are building educational resources in the space. We recommended a number of content changes to ensure that users had the necessary information they required. We followed up by releasing a UX article discussing the work that we collaborated on.

Ardor Logo


Ardor is an advanced blockchain platform ready to use, build and host the most inspired decentralized applications. We helped Ardor by reviewing both their mobile and desktop wallets and making a number of recommendations to improve their user experience.



Beaxy are a up and coming exchange that dedicate a lot of time and focus to meeting user needs. During the three rounds of beta bug testing, we was not only able to find errors on the exchange, but also make a number of UX suggestions to improve the overall experience.

Lethean banner


Lethean offer a VPN service and pride themselves on being the safest way to be online. We helped Lethean out by reviewing the wireframe of their new website that was still in early stages of production. We offered a number of suggestions to meet user needs.

Tokes Platform banner

Tokes Platform

The Tokes Platform are a blockchain solution for the cannabis industry. We dived deep into their beta software which aims to help merchants at the point of sale. The purpose was to look at the software from a users point of view and give insight into what the user would expect.

Blockparty logo


Blockparty are the leading blockchain platform for live event ticketing, fan engagement and tokenized gamification. We performed an Expert Product Review on the Blockparty mobile app to ensure that the user experience was as smooth as possible.


FomoHunt are a quickly expanding blockchain event hub. We helped them out by giving a detailed list of recommendations to improve the website. This included content changes as well as accessibility considerations to ensure that all user can use the site adequately.



EMX is a platform where you can trade both crypto and traditional markets using crypto such as Bitcoin. As the team look to go live with their platform in the near future, we were able to give some user feedback on the testnet in preperation for release.

Up Wallet logo

UP Wallet

Up Wallet offer a Ethereum wallet which has been built using the Loopring protocol. We provided user feedback around the wallet itself and the set up guide that is available on the UP Wallet website. The website also caters for both an English and Chinese reading audience.



Accointing is the easiest way to import, optimise and report your crypto taxes. As the team are currently looking to restructure their website and release the beta of their dashboard, we provided feedback on these services from a users perspective.

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