The importance of user experience

Rather than writing detailed paragraphs about why you must do more to improve your UX, you are probably busy and don't have time to read it all. Alternatively, here are some short but powerful messages:

  • We must understand the difference between market research and UX research.
    Market research is what people say and which product they will buy.
    UX research is what people do and how they use that product.

  • UX Research is at the core of communicating with users. If you don't communicate with your users, how do you know what they want from your product or service.

  • Making assumptions of what the user requires is completely fine and natural for teams to do. However, it is important that we verify these assumptions by communicating with users.

  • We must understand the importance of testing with users. Although you know about your product and we know about UX, neither of us are your end user and often you will find that unexpected changes will be required.

  • UX Designers are amazing at what they do, but they don't often have time to speak to the user directly and get them detailed requirements. Lets make sure we help the designers and give them exactly what they need.

  • UX is more than just usability, especially in the blockchain industry. We also have to consider how a product looks and feels.

  • Users will always change their requirements, even after a product is launched. This is why UX work is an iterative process and if you don't continue to improve your user experience, they will find an alternative.

If we want our incredible blockchain products and services to be adopted by many, we need to ensure that everybody can use them easily, regardless of their knowledge or technical skills.

Next Steps

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