Why is user experience so important?

Ask yourself these questions:

If users don't find your product easy to use, why would they use it?

How do we know what the user truly wants, if we haven't spoken to them?


UX Articles/Interviews

If you are proud of your products user experience you can show case this in the form of an article or interview to an audience of over 15,000 crypto enthusiasts.

Expert Product Reviews

The expert review is a quick and convenient solution to improve your user experience. We simply provide you with feedback on your product from a users perspective.

UX Advisory

Using our expertise and knowledge we are able to advise on how to implement correct procedure and methodologies to improve the user experience of your products.


The Dragonchain Academy

Dragonchain Academy

Dragonchain Academy are building educational resources in the space. We recommended a number of content changes to ensure that users had the necessary information they required. We followed up by releasing a UX article discussing the work that we collaborated on.

Ardor Logo

Komodo Platform

Komodo is an open, composable Smart Chain platform. We had the opportunity to help some of the Komodo developers by providing user centered feedback on the up and coming Atomic DEX that is being built on the Komodo Platform during its private beta stage.


Michael Wagner - CEO and Founder of Tokes Platform

Michael Wagner

CEO & Founder of Tokes Platform.

"I engaged elevateUX to conduct an assessment of the Tokes Platform point of sale software to gain some outside perspective on our new user onboarding experience. Their analysis was both thorough and expeditious, and resulted in beneficial tweaks to our workflows. I’d recommend them to anyone looking for a complete user experience review."

Casey - Director of Lethean Privacy


Director of Lethean Privacy.

"The experience that elevateUX provided to us while updating our website was invaluable. elevateUX were professional, courteous, and took their time explaining what we were doing right and where we could make improvements. I cannot tell you how thankful we are for the service that they provided."

Kay - Product manager of EMX

Kay Chang

Product manager of EMX.

"elevateUX provided beneficial analysis and insights of the EMX trading platform, which have been helpful as we continue iterating our product to create the best experience for our users trading derivatives with cryptocurrency. They were timely, thorough, and a pleasure to work with."


The Daily Chain Logo

The Daily Chain

The Daily Chain is dedicated to providing unique and informative crypto content on a daily basis. Their goal is to educate the community and empower people to make the right choices.

Crypto Freak Network Logo

Crypto Freak Network

Crypto Freak Network provides daily educational and recreational content to its community of fellow cryptocurrency enthusiasts through a wide array of platforms.

How do we create a good
user experience?

We speak to the user continuously throughout the development process.

We use a variety of UX methodologies and services to ensure that we gather the most useful data and findings from the users. The process that we put in place depends on which services are required. If you are not certain which services fit your projects needs then feel free to get in touch. The services will be tailored depending on a variety of factors such as what you are building, the stage of your products development and your target audience.

Read more about why this is so important and how we should strive to create a better user experience in order to drive blockchain adoption.

Next Steps

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